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Precipitation predicted

In the Republic In the daytime of March 20, at night of 22, on 23, at night of 24 and in the daytime of 25 no precipitation is predicted. In the daytime of 21, at late evening on 24 and …

Jirair Sefilian sentenced to 10 years and 6 months imprisonment

Judge Tatevik Grigoryan published verdict on “Jirair Sefilian and others” case, according to which Jirair Sefilian was found guilty and was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months, Gevorg Safaryan to 5 years 5 months,Sasunik Kirakosyan to 3, Hrayr Topchyan …

Javakhk Forum at GCC Shines Light on Plight of Armenians in Georgia – Asbarez

More than 100 students and guests gathered at Glendale Community College on March 15 for an informative discussion regarding Javakhk – its complex history, current affairs, economy, and programs. Hosted by the Glendale Community College Armenian Student Association in partnership …

Henrikh Mkhitaryan donates a car to injured and disabled soldiers’ rehabilitation center in Armenia

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has arrived in his fatherland, Armenia, to prepare for the friendly football matches with Estonia and Lithuania in Yerevan, which will take place on March 24 and 27. He has visited Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi, …

Armenia’s Defense Ministry releases armed forces development 7-year program

Armenia’s defense ministry released the Armed Forces development 7-year program which is on the ministry’s website. The 18-page document is titled “2018-2024 Modernization Program of the Armenian Armed Forces”. “The complex efforts planned by the Modernization Program will ensure the …

Rocki on Serzh Sargsyan’s PM position

Serzh Sargsyan’s second-term office is over since April 9. The opposition fears President Serzh Sargsyan will try to keep his power by taking the PM’s position. Is this not a reason for concerns about a European state? Will Armenia be …

Black ice formed on Sotk-Karvachar roadway

According to the Ministry of ES of RA on March 20 by 15:30 some roads in Armenia are difficult to pass. Black ice is formed on Sotk-Karvachar roadway.  According to the information received from the Agency of Emergency Situations of the …

Attack on Turkish Embassy in Denmark

An armed attack on the Turkish Embassy in Denmark was carried out on March 18. Unknown people threw Molotov cocktails on the embassy and escaped. As a result of the attack, a fire broke out in the embassy building which …

‘We have a very good opportunity to achieve flight growth in Armenia’ – Karen Karapetyan meets with RA Armed forces leadership’s operative rally participants

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan today met with the participants of the operative rally of the RA Armed Forces leadership in the administrative compound of RA Ministry of Defense. Welcoming the attendees, the Prime Minister noted that the meeting provides a …

Parties free in their actions until ‘Yelq’ makes final decision

“Yelq” faction convened a meeting to discuss the issue whether they should organize a street fighting or not. Talking to reporters after the session, the head of the faction Nikol Pashinyan said that the discussions will continue, since they have …







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