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Why Artsakh Liberation War dropped out from fine arts

Parallels between Armenia and Israel remind Karen Aghamalyan, Head of the Union of Artists, of the appeal of the country’s army.

“They do not use “suicide bomber”, they exclude death, their call is the following: go ahead, kill your enemy and return all the way, because this country needs you.”

He welcomes the students’ actions against the limitation of academic procrastination, although he supports the adoption of the draft law on the Military Service and Servicemen’s Status, but thinks that it needs certain amendments. He thinks that many young men can support the army by serving out of military units. The head of the Union of Artists also welcomes the ideology of the Nation-army.

By the way, in the near future the Union of Artists of Armenia will organize a painting competition dedicated to the Armenian army and victories.

Details are available in the video

Residents of Garinj

Residents of Garinj of Tumanyan magnifier live with everyday concerns. The end of the village’s problems is not seen. It is hard to earn money for them, the main income is cattle-breeding and the harvest of the forest.

By the way, authorities rarely come to the village. The villagers even joke that reporters are more often in the village than the officials.

Still no compensation after thirty years

The video tells about a family in Gyumri, who lost their flat during the disaster in 1988 and has not received compensation yet.

The Alexanyan family settled in a kindergarten building after the catastrophe, which later became the main shelter for them.

details are available in the video of Tsayg TV

Again earthquake in Azerbaijan

On November 17, c.y., at 17:27 local time (at 13:27 by Grinvich), the RA MES Seismic Protection Survey Seismological Network registered an earthquake at the northern latitude 40.100 and eastern longitude 47.250 geographic coordinates (Azerbaijan, 20 km north-west from the City of Aghjaberd), with 4.5 magnitude and 10 km depth.

The tremor measured magnitude 5-6 points at the epicenter area, which is the aftershock earthquake of the main shock on November 15 and is relatively weaker than that.

The earthquake was felt in Artsakh with 3-4 points and the south-eastern part of Armenia with 3 points.


Arsen Babayan: Rumors on 2 million drams is unreasonable

MTS Armenia, a telecommunication service provider in Armenia, denies the statement made by Arsen Babayan, Head of the Public Relations Department of the NA Staff, alleging that the company yielded Hermine Naghdalyan’s telephone services charges.

Arsen Babayan, Head of the RA NA Public Relations Department, in a conversation with tried to deny the information provided by that Armenian MP Hermine Naghdalyan’s debt of 2 million drams for mobile phone conversations was paid from the state budget. “Rumors on 2 million drams is unreasonable. There was no such amount. Already in May, H. Naghdalyan’s mobile phone debt was big which was called in question by the NA. As a result of VivaCell-MTS’s research, it turned out that the debt arose because of the technical problem, in particular, the 3G connection was connected to the roaming network. The company withdrew its account already in May. Therefore, the NA staff has not paid money, as there was no need to submit a claim for compensation, “A. Babayan said.

“MTS Armenia” provides all its subscribers, whether they are individuals, organizations or state agencies, providing services on the basis of the relevant agreements and the terms stipulated therein, including tariffs. The bills and payments are made in accordance with the same contracts and applicable legal acts.

In connection with the issues raised recently in the media, the Company has conducted an internal investigation and can assure with full responsibility that the Company did not have any technical defect in the accounts being written off, the accounts for the services were properly presented, they have reviewed by the Company and were paid by the subscriber.

Details are available here

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: They will leave the five regions

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan answered questions from Turkish journalists after his visits to Russia, Qatar and Kuwait.

According to the Haberturk news agency, Erdogan told the journalists that during the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin the Nagorno Karabakh conflict had also been discussed.

“We said that if Russia gives importance to the issue, it will be useful. Putin treats it positively, but as I see, he does not have much hope on the issue. I think the reason is the position of the parties. I told him that positive steps were taken in 5 regions. they (the Armenian side) would leave those regions,” said Erdogan.

Seven accidents in one day

According to police reports, 3 out of 6 cases of bodily injury were revealed from 16 to 17 November.

Three cases of drug detection was recorded.
7 cases of fraud, 6 cases of theft, 1 case of embezzlement and 1 case of hooliganism were revealed.

From the previous crimes, one case of theft was revealed.
Seven road accidents were registered in the republic over the past day, as a result 3 people died and 7 received injuries of different degrees, the RA police report.

Vagharshapat team win in a special football tournament

The national football competitions, organized by the Armenian Special Olympics, are over today, the official website of the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs reports.

The team of No. 33 inclusive school of Vagharshapat was recognized the winner of national and republican football competitions among pupils, taking special and inclusive education. The team of No. 12 special school of Yerevan was the second, and the team of No. 150 inclusive school of Vagharshapat took the third place.

The tournament was attended by 12-15 year-old pupils with intellectual disabilities. They were from 8 schools which provide with special and inclusive education in Yerevan and regions.

Singer Cebu does not like inspectors taking bribe in Armenia

American Armenian singer Sebu loves Armenia, its nature, architecture, and everything else. Of course, there are some things that he does not like. For example, motor vehicle inspectors who take bribes.

“I have always come in summer as a tourist,” he says. “Now I want to get to know Armenia more deeply, to communicate with young people, to study Armenian music, and especially Komitas, whom I adore.”

Cebu arrived in Armenia with his wife and two sons. “Raffi is baptized. This time my younger son, Hovhannes, will be baptized.”

On November 20, Serj Tankian’s famous production group, Viza, duduk player Jivan Gasparyan Jr. and rock singer Sebu will perform at the Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex on November 20. The idea belongs to Jivan.

After fifteen years of working with Viza, this is their second visit to Armenia. Sebu’s great desire is to organize charity concerts in Gyumri and Artsakh.

“I am very excited. I think that when people listen to the music they will like it and will dance; there will also be surprises. In a word, it will be a very great night.”


Banants vs. Alashkert. Live

Today, after the two-week break, Armenia’s top league championship will be held in the first round of the 13th tour.

Yerevan’s Banants will host Alashkert on their own pitch. The home team now occupies the 4th place with 17 points, leaving only two points out of the Shirak, which is in the 2nd place. Alashkert continues to confidently lead the tournament table as the team scored 26 points in 12 games. Not surprisingly, bookmaker offices are more likely to believe in the victory of Alashkert (1.80), against Banants (4.20).

Teams have already announced their starting lineup.


  1. Aram Hayrapetyan
  2. Borislav Yovanovich
  3. Rumyan Hovsepyan
  4. Ghukas Poghosyan
  5. Nenad Inyac
  6. Alexandr Jokovich
  7. Vahagn Ayvazyan
  8. Valmerson
  9. Narek Petrosyan
  10. Matvey Guyganov
  11. Kvasi Sibo


  1. Arsen Beglaryan
  2. Andranik Voskanyan

4 . Mladen Chelkovich

  1. Daniel Stoykovich
  2. Gagik Ghaghbashyan
  3. Artak Dashyan
  4. Milyan Yablan
  5. Artak Edigaryan
  6. Artak Grigoryan
  7. Mihran Mansayan

Football fans can also watch the match live.

“Taron-Avia” to carry out flights from “Zvartnots”

Armenian air carrier Taron-Avia airline carries out its first regular flight from Zvartnots International Airport to Moscow’s Vnukovo airport on November 17.

The flights will be operated by Boeing 737-500 aircraft named “Aram Khachatryan” at 7 flights per week.

To remind, from April 2017, Taron-Avia air company, which is based in Gyumri’s Shirak airport, regularly carries out flights to Gyumri-Krasnodar-Gyumri, Gyumri-Samara-Gyumri and Gyumri-Moscow (Domodedovo Airport)-Gyumri, GDCA reports.

Children against violence: There is violence both at schools and at home

“Adults like to call violence as bringing up and to say that they do that in order to bring them as good people,” Mikayel Mikayelyan said today at a press conference ahead of the day before protecting children from violence. Mikayel and other children of the Children for Children initiative are school-aged children. They noted that violence was commonly used in schools as well.

“In families, due to the lack of love, violence comes up. Violence is when a child begs money in the street. And it is also violence when adults decide children’s future profession,” said Mikayel.

Milena Musayelyan is a memeber of the initiative who found that there were cases of violence at schools.

“When two pupils answer the lesson the same way but get different marks, I think this is a psychological violence against children. It is also violence when a teacher forces a pupil to participate in an event when the pupil does not want to,” said Milena.

Members of the initiative think that the Government should take children’s opinion into account before making decisions concerning them. CHildren should be asked to express their opinion on the issue.

Artyom Ghazaryan,a member of the initiative, said that it was possible to reduce the cases of violence. “Children, seeing violence, are inclined to violence. And if parents do not use violence against children, it can decrease the number of violence, as there are many cases when the very peers use violence. In order to avoid the phenomenon we should work on reducing domestic violence.”

In response to our question, whether the work of psychologists in schools helped or not, Artyom Ghazaryan mentioned there were schools where there were no psychologists. And inspections should be carried out at schools not having psychologists.

As in the whole world, November 19 is also celebrated in Armenia as a day of protecting children from violence.

Sergey Bagratyan: You abuse our violence

Samvel Khachatryan, Deputy Minister of Transport, Communications and IT, was annoyed with Sergey Bagratyan, Deputy of Tsarukyan faction, at the discussion of the draft amendments to the North-South Road Corridor Investment Program -2 and Program 3 credit agreements. “Who is responsible for the abuses in that road. Name those people. And, finally, when will the road construction be over?”

The Deputy Minister mentioned that he did not use the word abuse in his speech and he could not even talk about it. “You continue to say a monotonous, meaningless sentences, I ask you a simple question when will you fi-nish? AM I saying it clearly? Give me the expiration date,” even angrier said Sergey Bagratyan. In response, the Deputy Minister said that the completion of the program was scheduled for the third quarter of 2019.

Then, in his speech, the MP stated that there was uncertainty about this whole project, and that would not be good. “Mr. Deputy Minister, your words contradict the Minister’s words. he said that the construction of the road could be finished in 1922, meanwhile, you say that it will be finished in 2019. It seems as if you want us to worry, first, you change the traffic signs, then you say that you have forgotten to install water-removing system. Was not the old road better? You abuse our patience.”


Gevorg Safaryan comes to the court in high mood

Gevorg Safaryan entered the court of general jurisdiction of Shengavit district today. He did not say anything about violence against him, which he had been informed by the HCAV, and then Gevorg Safaryan himself denied it.

In the courtroom, the present approached the glass, trying to talk to him.

At the previous hearing, the judge removed Gevorg Safaryan from the courtroom for four hours as the latter’s advocates demanded that.

Later he was removed again as he tried to find out where his advocates were.

The court examined the evidence available in the video, where Zhirayr Sefilyan and Gevorg Safaryan were presenting the situation in the country and how to get out of the situation. In particular, Zhirayr Sefilyan stated that if someone raised a hand on the people, that hand should be broken, and Gevorg Safaryan also said that he would die in Baghramyan’s St. if necessary.

Defenders Tigran Hayrapetyan and Araik Papikyan noted that accusation against these words is groundless and this is a political offense against both Sefilyan and Safaryan.

Jirayr Sefilyan said: “What we have heard, I repeat again, I also thank the accuser.”


Statement of Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian on the results of negotiations with Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil Aloysio Nunes Ferreira

Good afternoon, I am glad to welcome Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil Aloysio Nunes in Yerevan.

It is noteworthy that this visit of the Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil takes place in the jubilee year of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries and it is a good opportunity to evaluate the quarter century history of the interstate relations and discuss programmes and reach agreements aimed at further deepening of bilateral cooperation.

Today, Mister Nunes will be meeting the President of the Republic of Armenia.

This is the first visit of Minister Nunez to Armenia, who is a good friend of our country, he was the chairman of the friendship group in the Senate and the initiator of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Brazil’s Senate. Before our meeting, in the morning Mr. Nunes visited Tsitsernakaberd to pay tribute to the memory of the victims of Armenian Genocide.

During today’s meeting with my counterpart, we highlighted the established effective bilateral political dialogue, underlined the necessity of expanding the legal framework, which will create a favorable and stronger basis for the deepening of bilateral relations.Today we signed one more document – Memorandum of Understanding between the government of the Republic of Armenia and the government of the Federative Republic of Brazil on trade and investment cooperation. There are ten documents between our countries signed till now, seven of which were signed in the course of the last two years.

With the Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil we share the view that high-level mutual visits greatly contribute to the continuous development of bilateral relations. We discussed with Mr. Nunes the course of implementation of the agreements reached with President Temer during the visit of President Sargsyan to Brazil in 2016.

We touched upon a wide range of issues of the Armenian-Brazilian agenda, exchanged thoughts on further strengthening collaboration in the international fora.

We had a comprehensive discussions on intensifying the trade and economic ties, strengthening ties in cultural and humanitarian spheres.

We stated with satisfaction that an effective cooperation had been established within the inter-parliamentary framework, we both attached an importance to further enhancing of the decentralized cooperation.

Today, the geographical distance gradually loses its role of an inhibiting factor. In this regard, the liberalization of the visa regime between Armenia and Brazil two years ago opens new, easier and broader opportunities for the intensification of mutual visits between the peoples of the two countries and the strengthening of ties.

Speaking about Armenian-Brazilian relations, we should definitely mention the important role of the active Brazilian-Armenian community in enhancing cooperation between our friendly countries.

With my Brazilian colleague we touched upon a number of urgent international and regional issues.

I briefed the Minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil on the joint efforts of Armenia and the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries aimed at moving forward the process of settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, highlighting the importance of an impartial and balanced position on the issue and support of the proposals of the mediating countries.

Now I would like to pass the floor to my colleague.







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